Circular saws Customized Big Dimensions Horizontal Band Saws Vertical Plate Bandsaws

DANOBAT Band Saw Machines provide solutions for solid bars, pipes and plates with the highest accuracy.

Automatic band saw machines, wagon style or gantry for big dimensions and vertical plate saws are the solutions offered by DANOBAT.

The columns and saw head on the DANOBAT Band Saws are filled with polymer concrete to completely remove any vibration from the sawing cycle. This is especially important when sawing difficult to cut materials. The saw head is designed and manufactured in a unique manner.

The pieces of the saw head are assembled and then placed on a machining center so all of the critical mounting are machined in a single setup; ensuring that all the mounting points for band wheels and band guides will be in exactly the same plane, and that the accuracy of the path of the saw blade is built into the construction of the saw head.