CS1 Single Disk Sawing Machine


395 m/min
Blade speed

52 kW
Main motor power

DANOBAT circular saws guarantee an effective, quick and precise cutting operation. The robust structure, and the high performance, play-free gearing increase the lifespan of the cutting blade and ensure maximum productivity. High-torque drives, good dynamics and rigid guiding provide DANOBAT circular saws with an excellent cutting capacity of materials with low machinability. The control panel and specific software convert this saw in a user-friendly automatic machine. 




Round cutting capacity



Square cutting capacity


8.66 X 8.66

Blade dimensions


up to 1295

Blade speed


up to 35.83

Main motor power


up to 69

More information
  • Efficient, quick and precise cutting process
  • Play-free, high-performance gearing
  • Variable cutting speed set by means of a controller.
  • Dynamic cut, optimization of cutting parameters during cutting process.
  • Suited to TCT and HSS saw blades.
  • Hard-metal blade guiding system.
  • Air - oil lubrication.
  • Separation of the vices on completion of cut to increase the lifespan of the blade.
  • Automatic distinction between trimming and offcuts.
  • Flexible system, automatic material feed through ball screw and servo motor.
  • Possibility of bundle cutting.
  • Secure workpiece clamping.
  • Secure and easy to use. Minimum set-up time.
  • High cutting speed using blades with reduced thickness, thus minimizing the loss of material.
  • Built-in swarf removal unit.
  • Configurable and adaptable to automatic production lines.
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