CS3 Multiple Disc Sawing Machine

11 inches

1476 FPM
Blade speed

25.4 HP
Main motor power

The CS3-280 is an automatic multiple blade circular saw that brings speed, precision and efficiency to the cutting process. The saw is specially designed for applications with high production rates of pipe cutting such as the OCTG sector and OEM part manufacturers.

Blade lifetime is enhanced as blade teeth only cross one wall of the pipe. The CS3-280 achieves optimum cutting times through the combination of orbital and radial movements.
The heavy duty construction and a backlash-free gearbox improving blade lifetime and maximise productivity.




Round cutting capacity






Blade dimensions


9.84 – 12.40

Blade speed


up to 1476

Main motor power


up to 25.4

More information
  • Efficient, quick and precise cutting process
  • Variable cutting speed set by means of a controller.
  • Dynamic cut, optimization of cutting parameters during cutting process.
  • Suited to TA TCT circular saw blades.
  • Hard-metal blade guiding system.
  • Air - oil lubrication.
  • Automatic distinction between trimming and offcuts.
  • Flexible system, with part feeder by servo motors.
  • Secure and easy to use. Minimum set-up time.
  • Reduction of cost per cut
  • Automatic part feed and removal system.
  • Measuring of length and deviation of the supplied pipe. Optimum material positioning.
  • Built-in swarf removal unit.
  • Configurable and adaptable to automatic production lines.
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