Four models complete the horizontal band saw machine range: DS, IDS, HDS and CP.

The DS 3A Horizontal Fully Automatic Band Saw Machine is designed for production sawing and providing precise, accurate cut-to-length parts. The machine´s heavy duty construction ensures maximum productivity, extended blade life, and faster cut times. Other features include a fixed arm integrated into the saw head, and a movable arm travelling on a linear guide.

The iDS band saw has a very heavy duty construction that allows you to take full advantage of the latest and future developments in band saw blade technology.

The HDS Series Semi and Fully Automatic Large Capacity Band Saw Systems are robust and accurate. The HDS Series Saws are designed for high production sawing that requires precision saw cuts.

The CP semiautomatic band saw machine has a cutting capacity of up to 2000 mm. Feeding and positioning of the material is done by the operator.

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