• big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing
  • big valves band sawing

Big Valves

SECTOR: Oil & Gas, Aerospace

Summary: the company has in the region of 50,000 valves installed across the globe, some of which operate in the most inhospitable environments on the planet, often in ultra-deep waters of up to 3000 m and under high pressures as well as exposure to extremes of temperature.

With valve sizes ranging up to 1 m in diameter and tolerances typically less than one micron, ultra precision machining is of the most importance, so when they needed to upgrade the cutting operation during the production of their 610 mm diameter split gate 4A topside through-conduit valves, they naturally turned to Danobat to provide the solution.

Provided Solution: although the existing process utilized a vertical band saw, it was very wasteful of material, typically deviating from its true path by up to 10 mm on either side of the blade, requiring a considerable amount of post cutting additional machining in order to form a true surface.

DANOBAT’s response was to specify a vertical band saw, which has drastically reduced the cutting time for this product from 18 hours to just 6 hours, whilst simultaneously reducing waste material due to the appreciably more accurate cutting path, amounting to cost savings for each valve.

Additionally, further significant cost savings have been achieved by the use of a new type of carbide saw blade that Danobat band saw was able to run, which has a life of more than 50 times that of the previous machine.


Duplex 1.4413 (50 HRC)


660x635 mm

Cutting time

1h 52min




VL 150.120.3


50*10-6 m2 /s

Blade life

12-14 m2

Nº Cuts


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